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Pleasant Grove Jr Hi Schools MeetUp Luncheon,
March 17, 2018

The Epiphany, The Magi, And The Gifts

Too Tall’s Coffee Shop

Too Tall’s Chocolate Treats

Fall, 2017: The Prophets Of Israel
An Eleven Part Bible Study Series

June, 2016: Now What Do Christians Do?
A Four Part Bible Study Series

2016-10-12: Harvest Time
A Bible Study Lesson

2016-08–01: Too Tall’s Grandchildren

2016-07-14: The Futility of Relying on Egypt
A Bible Study Lesson

2016-05-15: The Essence of Hope
A Bible Study Lesson

2016-05-12: The Essence of Peace
A Bible Study Lesson

2016-03-30: SS Conner Jr Hi School

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